Chrono Test

Permanent timing system on the climb from Morgex to colle San Carlo.

Chrono Test” is a new project giving athletes (cyclists, ski rollers and runners) the opportunity to race against the clock on the route from Morgex to the San Carlo Pass. All participants will be given a diploma with their times resulting from the “Chrono TestPoint”.

Length of route: 10.436 km 
Climb: +1028 m 

Brochure and map 

Here’s how the “chrono test ” works:

• Pick up the magnetic card at the Bar Gelateria Pilier Central at Morgex (on the main road rue de Mont Blanc, 83, near the chemist); you will be asked for a deposit.
• Go to the “Totem” at the beginning of the ascent near the Sorgenti Monte Bianco factory.
• Having checked that the totem works (flashing green light) place your card near the circular window; a beeping noise and a yellow light signals that the starting time has been recorded and that you can get going. This station can record more than one starting time so that in case of a technical hitch or a delay whilst waiting for somebody else you just have to re-record your departure on the totem.
• The route to the pass is signposted along the way with altitude and gradients posted every kilometre.
• On reaching the Pass you have to repeat the same operation on the totem. First check it’s working (flashing green light), then place the card near the circular window and wait for the beep and yellow light. Any further registrations won’t cancel the first as this is the only one to be recorded.
• Go to the Genzianella Restaurant near the San Carlo Pass. Return the magnetic card and pick up your deposit, (you can have a diploma printed with your official time). 

Pro Loco tourist office in Morgex, tel. +39 0165 809912
Gelateria Pilier Central ice cream parlour, tel. +39 1065 809011
Albergo Genzianella hotel, tel. +39 0165 841689

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