Sledges: emotional, technical and … fun

Sledges were conceived as a mean of transport in Northern Europe, the standardised equipment is used for fun. To practice these disciplines at amateur level all you need is a gentle slope. In general, the land is private and you risk having some uncomfortable altercations, so it is better to go to a snow-park, which are specifically equipped areas where you can slide in the snow with more uneven means  and enjoy yourself in even the most unusual ways.

Saint-Oyen, in the Gran San Bernardo Valley, hosts a sledge piste that is certified for competitions and training at national level.

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Sledge track

Sledges / Bobs  -  Saint-Oyen

Outside the Flassin snow park area, a track on the natural track has been created to hold events and races of regional and national interest, homologated for national competitions.


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