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Some ideas for ski mountaineering routes

Valle d'Aosta is a favourite destination with ski mountaineering enthusiasts, as it is possible here for seven months a year, from November to June, and the region hosts a number of major competitions, such as the legendary Mezzalama Trophy. The large variety of routes present means everyone is sure to find a trip suited to their particular skiing and athletic skills: from climbs of a few hours on open slopes to routes on the glaciers lasting two or more days. A number of peaks can be reached on skis, including the Gran Paradiso, the only one of the Four-Thousanders entirely on Italian soil.
Climbers are strongly recommended to tackle routes with the help of a professional alpine guide.

Find your route

Find your route
A number of ideas for ski mountaineering routes in Valle d'Aosta.

Valle d'Aosta alpine guides: a reference for ski mountaineering.

Valle d'Aosta alpine guides: a reference for ski mountaineering.
Click on the link to book a guide from one of the associations on the list.

Mountain huts open in the spring

Mountain huts open in the spring
Excellent bases for many ski mountaineering routes.

Before setting off

Before setting off

Punta de la Pierre

Aymavilles  Ski mountaineering
A central and scenic location in the Valley d'Aosta. Exceptional view of Grivola. A classic, practically always ...

Becca d'Oren

Bionaz  Ski mountaineering
The are numerous and fantastic several day tours in this area, skiing Zermatt, Arolla, Verbier and returning to the ...

Mont Gelé

Bionaz  Ski mountaineering
Great tour in wild settings. A famous route known for years thanks to the international "Bozzetti Trophy" ...

Tour de la Tza

Bionaz  Ski mountaineering
A magnificent isolated and pie-shaped valley off the beaten track. The road is sometimes closed in the town of Bionaz. ...

Ch√Ęteau des Dames

Breuil-Cervinia  Ski mountaineering
Those who reach the peak can ring "the Bells". The excursion is long but well worth it. You should start out in the ...

Punta Valnera

Brusson  Ski mountaineering
Classic and sunny tour. Fantastic view of Monte Rosa and the surroundings from the ...

Gran Cima

Champoluc/Ayas/Antagnod  Ski mountaineering
You'll often find powder on this long tour. You'll also get frequent views of the towns in the surrounding isolated ...

Monte Facciabella

Champoluc/Ayas/Antagnod  Ski mountaineering
One of the area's more classic tours, great for mountaineering ski ...

Punta Rascias

Champorcher  Ski mountaineering
Easy tour and well-marked showing you the beauty of the Champorcher valley. The first part is entirely over road ...

Mount Zerbion

Ch√Ętillon  Ski mountaineering
Classic excursion, with snow than can often be powdery. Lovely view over the central valley and the Mont Rosa chain. ...

Gran Sertz

Cogne  Ski mountaineering
Gran Sertz or Gran Serra is in the centre of the Gran Paradiso National Park with a varied itinerary that includes a ...

Punta Rossa della Grivola

Cogne  Ski mountaineering
Punta Rossa is one of those peaks with a special allure, in front of Grivola and in a wild area. You can also climb it ...

Col Malatrà

Courmayeur  Ski mountaineering
A beautiful route, always in sight of Mont Blanc and the Grandes Jorasses, with an excellent base at the Bonatti ...

Mont Dolent

Courmayeur  Ski mountaineering
A demanding route for mountaineering skiers with experience in majestic settings. The view from the summit is ...

Col di Champillon

Doues  Ski mountaineering
Sparse woods, wide slopes and a magnificent basin make this tour unique. This route is also accessible in May or the ...

Monte Paglietta

Étroubles  Ski mountaineering
Tour great for mountaineering ski beginners. The view of Mont Velan and the Menouve valley is unique. The Menouve ...

Col Gragliasca

Fontainemore  Ski mountaineering
A less well known excursion at the foot of the mountain. The lower part is completely in the shade while up high, the ...


Gignod  Ski mountaineering
Splendid tour and splendid view of the entire Valle d'Aosta. Snow usually remains powder for several ...

Piramide Vincent

Gressoney-La-Trinité  Ski mountaineering
An easy 4,000 m to do on skis in a fantastic glacial ...

Mont Tantané

La Magdeleine  Ski mountaineering
Easy, though varied excursion. The surroundings are solitary and very attractive. The final stretch to reach the ...

Testa dei Frà

La Salle  Ski mountaineering
Beautiful settings and powder snow. Beautiful final ridge leading to the ...

Combe Varin

La Thuile  Ski mountaineering
Easy excursion in front of the La Thuile downward slopes. There are some steep stretches on the upper part of ...

Mont Colmet

Morgex  Ski mountaineering
A beautiful, wild tour, off the beaten track. Complete with very steep segments. The view from the summit is ...

Col di Chaleby

Nus  Ski mountaineering
A well-known location with mountaineering skiers since part of the "Fillietroz trophy" circuit. The scenery is ...

Punta Valletta

Pila  Ski mountaineering
Panoramic site over the Pila basin. We suggest you climb when the lifts are closed (from mid-end of April). In ...

Punta Galisia

Rh√™mes-Notre-Dame  Ski mountaineering
Punta Galisia allows you to discover the beauty of the valley of Rhêmes; the view is excellent over the Isere Valley, ...

Summit of Entrelor

Rh√™mes-Notre-Dame  Ski mountaineering
The Summit of Entrelor is a classic off-track skiing excursion in the Rhêmes Valley and should be seen as good ...

Mont Flassin

Saint-Oyen  Ski mountaineering
An easy and popular tour, great as the first run of the season. The constant slope makes for an easy climb and the ...

Punta Leysser

Saint-Pierre  Ski mountaineering
An easy an well-marked tour with few objective risks and various ascent routes. The climb is fully in the ...

Col Serena

Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses  Ski mountaineering
Very easy excursion, short and very popular, ideal as a start of season excursion. Be aware of the danger of ...

Punta Valletta

Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses  Ski mountaineering
The initial thick and steep woods are followed by the upper part across a beautiful valley. The final segment becomes ...

Punta Bianca

Torgnon  Ski mountaineering
Long extending excursion, immersed in very wild ...

Arp Vieille

Valgrisenche  Ski mountaineering
Arp Vieille is the most popular excursion in Valgrisenche and one of the most famous in the Valle d'Aosta. It is ...

Becca di Giasson

Valgrisenche  Ski mountaineering
The Becca di Giasson represents a magnificent itinerary and often has great snow. It can also be covered in two days ...

Ch√Ęteau Blanc

Valgrisenche  Ski mountaineering
Monte Ch√Ęteau Blanc is the mountain and glacier you can see from Aosta. It is a steep climb for mountaineering skiers ...

Punta d'Archeboc (Ormelune)

Valgrisenche  Ski mountaineering
Punta d'Archeboc or Ormelune as almost everybody mistakably calls it, has a great mountaineering ski route, varied and ...

Testa del Rutor

Valgrisenche  Ski mountaineering
Testa del Rutor is a popular classic route with many variations. Here we'll describe the safest and easiest. You'll ...

Colle del Grand Etret

Valsavarenche  Ski mountaineering
An easy tour, surrounded by the absolute tranquility of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The route, with a steep ...

Gran Paradiso

Valsavarenche  Ski mountaineering
Magnificent mountain tour. Even if this is an easy 4,000 m, do not underestimate it. Practice and experience are ...


Valtournenche  Ski mountaineering
Fantastic tour in the Cheneil basin. The two-day tour is terrific, staying the night in Cheneil, a fairy-tale like ...