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Saint-Pierre Castle

Saint-Pierre - Castles and towers

Located on a rocky crag in Tache, the unmistakeably fairy-tale Saint Pierre Castle is certainly unique. Its famous four side towers (added in the 19th century) give it an almost Disney-like appearance. It is one of the most ancient manors in the region. The early structure probably dates back to the 12th century, in that the famous Charter of Liberties (Carta delle Franchigie) of 1191 contains the names of the brothers “de castro Sancti Petri“, joint owners of part of the castle. Among its owners, worth mentioning is the name of Pietro Filiberto Roncas, who extended the castle and held numerous receptions inside it.

After this, in the 17th century, the castle underwent a number of modifications, and above all, changed owners several times until the present day, and is now the property of the Municipality of Saint Pierre, and serves as the headquarters of the Regional Natural Science Museum.

closed for restoration works

Castello di Saint-Pierre
Loc. Tache

Tourist Office - Aosta
Piazza Porta Praetoria, 3
11100 AOSTA (AO)
Telephone:(+39) 0165.236627
Fax:(+39) 0165.235462


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    At present closed for restoration works.

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