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Gressoney toma cheese

A savoury locally produced table cheese
The Gressoney toma cheese is a highly regarded table cheese, which is worked directly on the mountain pastures of the Lys valley and in the centre of the valley using traditional methods. Every year, no more than 1000-1500 medium-sized cheeses (4/5 kg) are made, and they are then left to mature on wooden planks in cellars or caves, for a period ranging from two to four months.  It is a half-fat cheese,
prepared using semi-skimmed cow|"s milk; the skimming is achieved via surfacing, i.e.: the milk milked in the evening is left to rest in copper containers until the following morning, thus allowing the fattiest part, the cream, to rise to the surface and be removed with a large wooden spoon. The remaining milk is used to prepare this delicious cheese with a compact paste and savoury flavour.