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  • Abfahrt:
    Village of Corgnolaz (1815 m)
  • Ankunft:
    Village of Corgnolaz (1815 m)

We suggest you to check if the complete path, has open, has been prepared ande the avalanche risk&


Difficulty: E – Excursion route without technical difficulty
Best time: from 1/12 to 30/03
Departure and arrival: village of Corgnolaz 1815 m
Difference in height: 540 m
length: 12 km
Totale time: 4,5 hours

The route will be prepared along the summer farm road width, and so well recognized, it is possible to walk on the path also without snowshoes because it is always well prepared, after a snowfall please check the preparation of the track and the possibility to walk with winter boots.

From the arrival station of the cable-way in Chamois you will walk on the small road below the municipality, through the village, cross the bridge and continue on the right on the classic flat path leading to La Magdeleine for about 1,5 km, here you will see a crossroad, walk on the left one into the wood in order to reach the Pilaz Hill.
From the hill you will continue on the beaten path, near the Charrey small lake that you may not see as covered by the snow, after you will reach an alp on the left. From here you will walk further on until the Champlong alps and its smll lakes. From here you will have a wonderful view on the Matterhorn. The path continues into the wood until the Foresus alp.
From here you will start to walk downhill until the village of Chamois across the village of “Moulin di Crepin” with two return options:

  • walk across the village of “Moulin di Crepin” and continue along the stream until you will arrive to the bridge back to the village
  • when you will reach the village of “Moulin di Crepin”, cross the small bridge and continue until the village of Crepin, and finally walk down to the centre of the village”


Ufficio Turistico di Chamois
11020 CHAMOIS (AO)


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