Restaurant Mont Néry


Mont Néry is a place of memories and good tastes and it is characterised by different dining rooms: “Gade” (with stone stove), “Wongade” (furnished and decorated with wood and stone) and “Chär” (with vaulted ceiling) for happy moments with friends. There is also a tasting room (“Wistòbò”) with a wide choice of wines. The restaurant’s cuisine offers high-quality dishes from the local tradition: fresh pasta, stewed meat with polenta and homemade cakes.


Raw meat with zabaglione and Parmesan cheese
Tagliatelle with deer ragout
Dumpling with lamb filling and cep sauce
Pork jowl, cooked in Nebbiolo-wine, and puree with lemon and ginger flavour
Torrone ice cream

Wine labels

  • Cave des Onze Communes:Torrette, Torrete Sup, Blanc Perdrix (VDA)
  • La Crotta de Vigneron di Chambave: Pinot Noir, Muscat (VDA)
  • Enfer d’Arvier (VDA)
  • Cà del Baio: Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto
  • Andreola: Prosecco
  • Carlo Giacosa: Babaresco
  • Cigliuti
  • Cà Romè: Barbera d’Alba
  • Cossetti: Barbera, Chardonnay

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