Boutique du fromage


  • Timetable:
    09:00 - 13:00
    15:00 - 19:00

    From 1st December to 3rd May and from 1st July to 15th September, open every day.

    Closed for the whole of May, and Wednesdays and Thursdays in the low season.

  • Address:
    frazione Evette 26
  • Telephone:

This shop is situated inside the only cheese producing dairy in the Valle di Valtournenche. It is furnished with wooden shelving and typical local objects such as the Beuss, the “grolle”, and friendship cups. Guided tours of the dairy include tasting sessions, and you receive a typical Valle d’Aosta cuisine recipe book, organised with the assistance of the local tourist offices, (Aiat Monte Cervino) and some hotels.
It is part of the “Itinéraires des Fromages” (itinerary of cheeses) circuit.


Our local products
DOP (PDO) labelled products: Fontina, Lard d’Arnad (Arnad lard), Jambon de Bosses (ham) and Fromadzo (cheese).
DOC labelled wines: 35 types of Valle d’Aosta wines from both co-operatives and private producers.
PAT labelled products: Genepy, Boudin (black pudding with potatoes), Saucicces (sausages), Mocetta (dried meat), Honey, a variety of apple juices, Toma di Gressoney (cheese).
Our own products: Fontina, milk from Cervino, homemade cheeses, butter and reblec (a fresh cheese).

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