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Classic Finnish sauna with low humidity. The sittings of the benches at different heights offer the possibility of sweat with temperatures between the 85 ° and 100 °. It’s recommended not to wear your swimsuit.

A softer way to sweat in the sauna. At a temperature between 55 ° and 60 ° and humidity around 40% of the body is slowly heated with attention cardiocirculatory apparatus. This sauna is especially suitable for ladies who often prefer treatments in average temperature and harmonizing the use of essential oils and other beneficial species.It’s recommended not to wear your swimsuit

The essential oils and herbs dissolve in the steam is absorbed by the skin and the respiratory tract and play a beneficial effect on the whole body. It’s recommended not to wear your swimsuit. Temperature: 40-50 ° air humidity 95-100%

RELAXING: aimed to dissolve the painful contractures through maneuvers pressure, friction and kneading the muscle tissue superficial and deep 40/55 minutes
SPORTS: performed to maintain or improve the health of the athlete. In pre-workout decreases the sensation of muscle tension and mental health. In post-workout helps recovery Physical 40/55 minutes
RELAX AND WELLNESS: With slow movements are implemented and harmonic light pressure and stroking all over the body that lead to muscle relaxation and any emotional tensions 55 minutes
RELAX IN HEAD AND FEET: through pressures and delicate touches to the head and face creates a relaxation of the muscles of the entire area with a pleasant feeling of lightness. Often are attenuated headache and eyes due to muscular tension.
Pressure, kneading, friction, scratching, all maneuvers that give relief to tired feet and often overlooked. The massage also promotes better blood circulation and lymphatic 30 minutes
LYMPH: through pressure sensitive and specific movements it helps the flow of the lymphatic system the lymphatic ducts leading to surface, avoiding the stagnation of liquids. Legs and buttocks 40 min., The whole body 55 min
BEAUTY FACE: touch and pressure on the facial skin and the underlying musculature tone the skin and allow a greater oxygenation of the whole area. 30 minutes
Aroma: essential oils are highly lipolifi and have the ability to penetrate the deep layer of the dermis by stimulating the tissues and tired iponutriti 55 minutes
SOUND WITH TIBETAN BOWLS: regenerating manual beneficial accompanied by the vibrant sound of Tibetan bowls, being a millennial in which body and mind come together and unite the positive energy of the universe. The vibration emitted from bowls penetrates deeply into the tissues of our body giving a deep muscle relaxation and human feeling of lightening of the spirit 40/55 minutes


Hotel Creforné
Località Crest - Champoluc
11020 AYAS (AO)

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