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This ski area, spread over 34 km, offers an easy 2 km loop that runs through the snow fields of Lignan at an altitude of 1600 metres, starting out from the little village square just up from the church and running around the sports area and the children’s park, while the more important trails start out from Praz de L’Arp (1950 metres).
The 24 km long Saint Barthélemy Gran Tor tourist run and the 30 km Saint Barthélemy Gran Tor competitive run start out in Praz de L’Arp and stretch out towards the top of the Saint Barthélemy valley and from there round in a semi-circle to the 2014 metre altitude of the Ollière pasture. The trail is very varied and lots of fun, as it runs through fields, conifer woods and past numerous streams. Skiers can enjoy plenty of sun virtually all the way and it runs well away from roads and regularly inhabited villages, in a splendid natural environment.

Lignan (1633m):
Lignan run -2 km – easy

  • Porliod (1890 m)*:
    Praz de l’Arp km 4,3 – easy
    Barbonce Km 5,6 – easy
    Champcombre km 9,5 – easy
    Bois de Pessey km 11,3 – easy
    La Nouva km 12,3 – medium
    Champlaisant km 13,5 – medium
    Lo Ratzo km 14,7 – medium
    Rifugio La Servaz km 19 – medium
    Pierrey km 20 – medium
    Gran Tor km 30 – difficult

Tickets sales: at the new foyer de fond, 400 m. from the departure of the tracks.


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