Balteo Climbing Park


  • Best period:
    from 01/01 to 31/12
    All year round in the absence of snow and ice.
  • Departure:
    Parking near the ancient Roman road

A special experience: a day of climbing in the open air, on an iron path and along three cliffs, to be concluded with a glass of DOC Donnas red wine, cheeses and chestnuts all produced among these rocks.

The Balteo Climbing Park consists of a via ferrata (route fitted with iron steps or cables) and three cliffs, expressly intended for those who are taking their first steps in rock climbing.
While climbing, hooking-up and protection equipment techniques must be used, including the wearing of a helmet.

Park in the designated area, near the Roman road, and reach the faces via a short walk.
Read and follow the “safety rules“:/file/displayfile/108814 attached here and also present on the information panels at the Balteo Climbing Park.

Description of the route

Via Ferrata delle Peredrette
It climbs up along the rock ridges above the terraced vineyards. Going up, the view opens out onto the entire valley, to reach a spectacular blade of rock overlooking the Dora Baltea. For the more daring, a short variant presents an extra emotion.
Shortly before the end of the Via Ferrata there is the virtual “log book”; by reading the QR code with your smartphone, you can connect to the web page to register your passage.
The iron-cabled path ends on a spectacular natural balcony among small potholes carved into the rock.
On the way back, follow the Preles valley among chestnut trees, large boulders and the characteristic “barme”, agricultural and pastoral shelters close to the rocks.
The iron-cabled path can be covered in about 90 minutes and the descent takes 45 minutes.
The equipped path does not present any particularly technical difficulties (EEA – PD); the most exposed passage is avoidable, but if followed, it must be done with suitable equipment: harness, hooking-up kit and helmet.

Falesia delle Ciliegie
The Cliff of Cherries is located at the top of the via ferrata, accessible by following the path along the deep Preles valley in about 50/60 minutes with a charming hike in the woods. The exposure is sunny, ideal to be done in spring and autumn.
The base of the cliff is wide and spacious, ideal for groups and families (however, be careful to keep an eye on the little ones given the presence of steep rock faces nearby).
There are 18 routes from 15 to 22 meters in length with levels of difficulty between 4b and 6a. Climbing on leaning rock faces and on sub-vertical ones.

Pomerou Pyramid
This is a small rocky structure located at the end of the first ridge of the Ferrata delle Peredrette (Iron-cabled route); it can be reached via a short path through the woods of Pomerou (10/15 minutes). The woods is strewn with boulders, which once served as a roof for the “barme” – the characteristic shelters of woodcutters and shepherds – and are now the playground for boulderers.
Eight routes between 12 and 19m in length are equipped, difficulty levels from 4a to 5c.
Climbing on a leaning rock face, facing north; the position still guarantees a good degree of sunshine.
At the base the area is spacious; however, it is necessary to keep an eye on the little ones so that they do not approach the edge of the mountainside below.

Boulder of Reisen
Surrounded by vineyards, in the Reisen area, this huge block of rock broke away from the walls of Preles years ago, coming to a stop among the vineyards.
The four faces allow for climbs of very different types and difficulties.
The south face has 5 remarkable lines about 10 m high with a difficulty between 5b/6b on a tended sub-vertical wall.
The east face is equipped with three 10/12m lines between 6b and 7a, vertical.
The north face has three lines of 6/7 m with a difficulty of 5b/c on a vertical scaled wall, while the west face is reserved for medium/high difficulty with two lines of grade 7c with rounded slab following the line of the boulder.
The surrounding flat area among the vineyards is ideal for families. Do not park cars in the spaces adjacent to the boulder (they are private).

N.B. – The cliffs and the iron steps are periodically checked and maintained, however, since these are routes on rock in a natural environment exposed to atmospheric and hydrogeological agents, they can undergo alterations in their state leading to dangerous situations.. Pay attention to the condition of the trails, the walls and the on-site equipment.
Those who follow the paths and equipped routes of the Balteo Climbing Park implicitly and consciously accept the risk inherent to the practice of these sports activities in a natural environment.


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