Chapel of San Rocco:
Ciseran District – This chapel appears to belong to a certain M. Peaquin as testified by writing dated 1576 on the altar stone. It was dedicated to St. Gregory the Great. It is not known when the chapel became part of the parish of Montjovet nor the day in which it was dedicated to St. Rocco. (Patron Saint’s Day: St. Rocco – 16th August)

Madonna del Monte Carmelo Chapel.
Chenal District- Already existed in the XVIII century, as testified in the record of the bishop’s visit. The chapel, which was then derelict, was consecrated in the name of Our Lady of the Snow. It was dedicated to Our Lady of Mont Carmelo after its restoration.
(Patron Saint’s Day: Our Lady of Mont Carmelo – 16th July)

Vergine Maria Chapel.
Meran District – A rectangular layout with a vast, covered atrium. Dedicated to the presentation of the Virgin Mary in the temple. Built and consecrated in 1775, however the facade could date back to the XVI century.
(Patron Saint’s Day: 17th November)

Guaz Chapel – Dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow.
(Patron Saint’s Day: 7th July)

San Giovanni Battista and San Martino Chapel.
Plout District – Dedicated to St. John the Baptist and St. Martin. Re-built and blessed in 1870.
(Patron Saint’s Day: St. John the Baptist – 24th June; St. Martin – 11th November)

San Rocco Chapel.
Barmas District – Chapel dedicated to St. Rocco. Should date back to the XIX century. (Patron Saint’s Day: St. Rocco – 16th August)

San Fabiano e San Sebastiano Chapel.
Estaod District – Based on the layout and structure of the building, this chapel seems to date back to the XV century. After the bishop’s visit of 1700, the chapel was in very bad condition; it was later renovated on various occasions. The small church is dedicated to St. Fabian and St. Sebastian.
(Patron Saint’s Day: St. Sebastian – 20th January)

Barmachande Chapel.
Built at the end of the XIX century and blessed in 1878. Named after St. John the Baptist. (Patron Saint’s Day: St. John the Baptist – 25th August)

Montat Chapel:
Chapel under the patronage of the Virgin Mary and St. James. Renovated in 1791 (Patron Saint’s Day: St. James – 25th July)

Rodoz Chapel.
Visitazione di Maria Vergine Chapel. Built in the XVI century, however subsequently modified. Previous to 1782 it belonged to the parish of Saint-Germain and following the decree passed by Mons. De Sales was given to the parish of Montjovet.


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