A superb summer destination is undoubtedly the Great Saint Bernard Pass, which has always been an international crossroads and the gateway to one of the most important roads into Italy in the Middle Ages, the Via Francigena, the main communication route between the regions on the other side of the Alps and Rome.

Well worth visiting is the ancient Hospice built by members of the Agostinian order, with the church, the crypt, the treasury, the museum and of course the kennels where the famous Saint Bernard dogs are bred.

Amid these valleys, the main activities are of course trekking, mountaineering and walking. There really is something for everyone here, from expert hikers to families with children. The options available range from the Alta Via n. 1 High Mountain Route to the Cross-border Tours (Mont Blanc, Great Saint Bernard, Combin, Grands Barrages and the Matterhorn); from trips to the huge number of lakes in the area or along the various Ru (irrigation channels) to trips up to the mountain huts, which for the more adventurous can be a base for climbing trips or ascents. The upper part of the Valpelline and the By Basin are particularly attractive, while mountain lovers will find plenty to satisfy them on the peaks of the Dent d'Hérens, Mont Vélan and the Grand Combin.

In Ollomont, in addition to the authentic rock face, an artificial indoor rock wall is also available. As well as the two torrents in the area, anglers can also try their luck in the blue waters of the artificial lake of Place Moulin, while for golfers, there is a nine-hole course at Gignod. 


The area offers a number of quiet, medium-sized ski areas, ideal for families and with some fantastic views.

The Crévacol ski area faces south throughout and thus gets plenty of sunshine, making it perfect not only for skiers, but also for visitors just looking to relax and take home a tan. With its 22 km of runs, it is able to satisfy the needs of all kinds of skiers looking to enjoy their sport away from the crowds; snowboarders will also find large areas set aside for them here.

Ollomont is a smaller facility, ideal for families with children, which gets plenty of sun all morning and into the early part of the afternoon. Both facilities also have an area served by a magic carpet for beginners, as well as areas for those who fancy having some fun sledging, snow tubing or descending the mountain by some other original means.

A snow park dedicated exclusively to this kind of winter fun can be found in Flassin (Saint-Oyen); here visitors will also find a sledging run on snow, where they can try out this exciting sport. Next to the snow park is the structure that serves the18 km cross country trail that climbs up the valley, starting out from Étroubles, passing through Saint-Oyen, on past some delightful little villages to the 1521 m altitude of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses.

Other trails can be found at Ollomont (7.5 km), Valpelline (5 km) and Bionaz, where the Dzovennoz-Lexert trail (5 km) is equipped with a rifle practice range for biathlon athletes.

Hiking routes that can be tackled on snow shoes are marked out throughout the area, which also offers ideal places for ski mountaineering trips of varying difficulty, such as the ascent to Col Serena (2547 m), considered one of the classics in this sport.

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