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Ottin Elio Winery

Wine  -  Aosta

The Ottin winery was founded in the early nineties from the passion of a young farmer for wine and for his land. A passion that comes from afar, inherited from the family, mountain winemakers fo…

Tanteun and Marietta Winery

Wine  -  Aosta

The winery was born out of the dream of bringing the noises, smells and emotions deriving from the transformation of an agricultural production back to the centre of the city of Aosta, within th…

D&D of Duclos Christian and Lorenzo Farm

Dairy farms  -  Gignod

The family run farm was founded in 1972 to produce typical dairy products of the Aosta Valley.
Over time there have been changes with regards to the agricultural machinery, nevertheless th…


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Tourist Areas

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