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Arnad Le Vieux - Cured meat factory

Cured meats  -  Arnad

The Salumificio Arnad Le Vieux (cured meat factory) was established in the 90’s in the characteristic village of Arnad. In 2007, it was awarded I.F.S. (International Featured Standards) certification…

Maison Bertolin - Cured meat factory

Cured meats  -  Arnad

The Salumificio Maison Bertolin (cured meat factory) boasts a legacy almost sixty years old; in fact, Guido Bertolin established the first slaughterhouse in Arnad in 1957. Over the years, hi…

"Cooperativa La Kiuva" Wine Cooperative

Wine  -  Arnad

The cooperative currently includes 50 granting members for a total of 1000 quintals of grapes.
Production is about 90.000 bottles/year. Management is totally entrusted to the cooperative, from the…

Dino Bonin Winery

Wine  -  Arnad

The wine business began in 1973 with his father Cesarino, and Dino Bonin has continued it since 1987. Currently about 2.5 hectares of vineyards are cultivated, all *located in the municipality o…


Dairy Vallet Pietro and Sons

Dairy farms  -  Donnas

In 1975 Pietro and Camilla started to make Fontina cheese in a small cooperative dairy in the lower Aosta Valley: today, this same dairy processes almost two million litres of milk a year, producin…

Bonne Vallée – Chappoz agricultural farm – Baked products

Other products  -  Donnas

‘Bonne Vallée’ was established in the heart of the Lower Aosta Valley in Vert, a charming village located on the right side of the Dora Baltea river in the municipality of Donnas, with the aim o…


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