Giants trek - Stage 4

In the world of the Walser
51.543 km 4584 m D+ 3585 m D- 

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Head towards Perloz (663 m) and cross the Moretta bridge over the Lys torrent to reach Tour d’Héréraz (586 m). Continue towards Sassa (1433 m), go up to the Portola Pass (1966 m) and the Carisey Pass (2124 m) and walk along the ridge to the Coda mountain hut (2224 m). After a short stretch on the Biella side, continue on towards Vargno Lake (1670 m). From here, head towards the Marmontana Pass (2348 m), the Vecchia Pass (2184 m) and go down to Niel (1555 m). Go through the village, then head up to the Lazoney Pass (2364 m) and from there on to Gressoney-Saint-Jean (1329 m).

Don't miss: Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de la Garde - Moretta bridge (1710) - Mont-Mars Nature Reserve - Mont-Mars Nature Reserve

Suggested program: three days

First day: from Donnas to the Coda mountain hut (17,046 km)
D+ 2359 m - D- 465 m
Trekking time: 7h55
First day map

Second day: from the Coda mountain hut to Niel (20,914 km)
D+ 1393 m -  D- 2044 m
Trekking time: 7h40
Second day map

Thrid day: from Niel to Gressoney-Saint-Jean (13,582 km)
D+ 832 m - D- 1076 m
Trekking time:7h00
Thrid day map


Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

Mont Blanc

Gran Paradiso

Great Saint Bernard

Aosta and surroundings


Monte Rosa

Central Valley