Restaurante Alpino


  • Cocina:
    • Valdostana
  • Horario:
    12:00 - 15:00

    Abierto todos los días de la semana – Cerrado en noviembre

  • Periodo apertura:
    del 01/01 hasta el 31/12
  • Dirección:
    Loc. Pavillon du Mont Fréty
    11013 COURMAYEUR (AO)
  • Teléfono:
    (+39) 0165 89437
  • E-mail:
  • Internet:
  • Cubiertos:
    100 Asientos exteriores: 50

The Alpine Buffet, offers a break dedicated to the variety and authenticity of the products. Born from the idea of an* alpine lunch with quality and territory raw materials that make the explorer’s gourmet experience unique.
Compose your choice according to your taste and preferences. Add any dish that intrigues you, starting from a minimum of 2 POTs, to try the authentic flavors of the mountains and Valle d’Aosta.
On the highest mountain in Italy, in a location suspended between the last vegetation and the first sky, mountain and high quality flavors revisited in a modern way to offer an out of the ordinary experience.

Accessible with the Skyway Monte Bianco cable car.


Millefeuille of boiled beef from Valle d’Aosta and mountain potatoes in green sauce
Old tradition soup
Selection of artisanal cheeses from the Valley
Wild boar carbonada hunted in the Aosta Valley with Picotendro restricted + stone-ground wholemeal corn polenta
The Mont Blanc dessert in summer

Etiquetas vinos

Cave du Mont Blanc (VDA): 1187, Blanc du Blanc, Cuvée des Guides, 1187 Fripon
Maison Anselmet (VDA): Pinot Gris, Torrette Supérieur, Syrah
Frères Grosjean (VDA): Pinot Noir, Torrette, Gamay
Institut Agricole Regionale (VDA): Sang des Salasses, Vin du Prévot, Vuillermin, Le vin des Chanoines
La Crotta di Vegneron (VDA): Chambave Moscato Passito, Chambave Muscat
Cave des Onze Communes (VDA): Rosé, Muller Thurgau
Lo Triolet (VDA): Coteau Barrage, Nus, Pinot Gris
Co-Enfer (VDA): Mayolet

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Áreas turísticas
Áreas turísticas

Mont Blanc

Gran Paradiso

Gran San Bernardo

Aosta y alrededores

Monte Cervino

Monte Rosa

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