Cervo Rosso


Restaurant located inside the Grand Hotel Le Massif.
Cervo Rosso is one of the names of the noble deer or royal deer, one of the most fascinating animals of the mountain. The name of the steakhouse evokes life in the mountains, with the rites of hunting and the warmth of gathering around the fire. It welcomes guests in wood and stone settings for dinner and weekend brunch.
Here the authentic and ancient flavors arrive intact on the table: the best cuts of meat chosen from the à la carte menu are a riot of flavor to melt in your mouth.


Fillet of Piedmontese Sanato all’albese: “bagna cauda” sauce, biscuit with walnuts and flakes of Parmigiano DOP
Carpaccio of pure Wagyu marinated in balsamic vinegar of Modena DOP, with rocket and flakes of Parmesan
Grilled Black Angus Tomahawk with baked potatoes and Bernese sauce
Grilled Fiorentina di Chianina with grilled vegetables and BBQ sauce
Mixed Alpin Salad with grilled tomino, smoked speck with juniper, apples, walnuts and raisins

Etiquetas vinos

Giulio Ferrari – Riserva del Fondatore
Cristal Champagne
Barolo DOCG Riserva Vigna Colonnello
Guado al Tasso
Petite Arvine élevé en fut de chêne (VDA)
Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle Sel. Rayon DOC (VDA)

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