Osteria Mansio 1695


  • Horario:
    12:00 - 15:00
    19:00 - 22:00
  • Periodo apertura:
    del 01/01 hasta el 31/12
  • Dirección:
    Loc. Capoluogo, 65
    11020 PERLOZ (AO)
  • Teléfono:
    (+39) 371 4131458
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In an ancient house from the 1600s, renovated with a combination of recovery and modernity, we offer a cuisine inspired by the territory, the place where we are and our origins. The fresh pasta is homemade, our dishes are cooked on a traditional wood stove and accompanied by naturally leavened breads and focaccias of our production.


Tagliatelle with white deer ragout;
Rye tagliolini with alpine butter and aromatic herbs;
Chestnut flour dumplings;
Baked kid;
Tarts with jams of our production.

Etiquetas vinos

Gamay – Torrette Superior – Muller Thurgau – Petite Arvine (Cave des Onze Communes VDA);
Gamay – Chambave Muscat (La Crotta de Vegneron VDA);
Nebbiolo (Piantagrossa VDA);

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Áreas turísticas

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