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Flying in hot air balloon

Монгольфьеры  -  Аоста

Touring the Aosta Valley Alps in a hot air balloon
The best time of year to experience the thrill of a tour in a hot air balloon, the oldest aerial vehicle built by man, is not the spring o…

Indoor swimming pool and outdoor heated pool at Le Mont Blanc Hotel

Бассейн  -  Ла Салль

Outdoor and indoor swimming-pool with wellness centre.
Open to everybody.

Bike Park La Salle - La Tana degli Orsi

Маршруты для катания на Горном велосипеде  -  Ла Салль

Paragliding flights

Монгольфьеры  -  Ла Салль

Tandem paragliding flights with instructor, on reservation.
Departure from La Salle and Courmayeur.

Tennis courts c/o Maison Gerbollier

Теннис  -  Ла Салль

2 Open air lighted courts


Palet field c/o Maison Gerbollier

Традиционные виды спорта  -  Ла Салль

The palet filed is the same of the bowls court.

Bocce courts

Шары  -  Ла Салль

1 open air court

Free access.
The court is available all day without time limits.