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Sondrio's Bank

Банки / Кредитные учреждения  -  Сен-Венсан

Treasury service
principal banking services
The bank is open from Monday to Friday

Municipal police of Saint-Vincent

Безопасность  -  Сен-Венсан

Town library Primo Levi

Библиотеки  -  Сен-Венсан

The library is located at the town hall
Free Wi Fi


Weekly street market of Saint-Vincent - Thursday

Еженедельные рынки  -  Сен-Венсан

all year long

Aosta Valley Casino - Saint-Vincent

Казино  -  Сен-Венсан

The Casino of Saint-Vincent represents one of the biggest and prestigious gambling house of Europe. Situated in Saint-Vincent’s frame, universally known for its Spa an and surrounded by four amon…

Palais Saint-Vincent

Кинотеатр / Театр  -  Сен-Венсан

Located in the square under Saint Vincent’s town hall, the Palais Saint-Vincent is a large, white geodesic structure, with a capacity of 1,600 people (1,300 seated).

Built by a vastly…

Cinema Auditorium I.P.R.

Кинотеатр / Театр  -  Сен-Венсан

The Auditorium is located inside the school complex IPR – Liceo, near the parish Church and it is recognizable for the covering in mirror glasses. It’s a little jewel: in its reduced dimensions i…

Saint-Vincent Town hall

Коммуны  -  Сен-Венсан

Repetto Chemist

Неотложная медицинская помощь  -  Сен-Венсан

Natural products – homeopathy


  • from Monday to Saturday: from 8.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm
  • Sunday (if it is on service) and on holidays: from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm an…


Playground for children - Praduman gardens - Via Freppaz/Via Monte Rosa

Парк игр  -  Сен-Венсан
  • free area
  • playground for children
  • green walkable area
  • multi-play structures
  • slides
  • swings
  • benches
  • drinking fountain