La Macina Restaurant Pizzeria

Ла Салль

  • Orario:
    12:30 - 14:30
    19:30 - 24:00

    Closed Mondays in low season

  • Время работы:
    Via Col de Bard, 1
    11015 LA SALLE (AO)
  • Telefono:
  • E-mail:
  • Полная:
    65 Cиденья снаружи: 25

Nestled in the charming streets of the historic center of La Salle, is the new management of the Restaurant Pizzeria La Macina. Thanks to a highly professional staff offers you a quality service while enjoying a very unique hospitality and courtesy. The selection and processing of raw materials is the result of an accurate selection to ensure freshness and authenticity of the products themselves. The warm and friendly, the customer care and great tasting meals and pizzas, make the Macina an ideal place for lunches and dinners in a relaxing surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Valdigne.


As for the cuisine, the menu is weighted according to the seasons and the products they offer, is worked entirely in house, from fresh pasta and older, and changes monthly. The pizzas, working with soybean meal and combined with a sauce and mozzarella on top offer a unique lightness and goodness of its kind.

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