Châteaux en musique (music in the castles)

Арна, Бард, Шатийон, Грессан, Грессоней-Сен-Жан, Энтро, Иссонь, Сен-Пьер, Сарр, Веррес

  • 25 Июнь 2019 - 28 Август 2019
Время работы и затраты Программа

The thirteenth edition of the travelling cultural exhibition “Châteaux en musique” features a series concerts, accompanied by theatre performances and held in some of the most enchanting castles in the Aosta Valley.

Admission fee – reservations required.
All events are followed by free guided tours of the castle

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Assessorato Turismo, Sport, Commercio, Agricoltura e Beni Culturali
11100 AOSTA (AO)