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A clearing in the quiet larch and spruce forest, a wonderful window-lined balcony overlooking the glaciers of Monte Rosa, a comfortable and inviting village emerging from the restored hunting lodge of a Baron from long ago and of historic Walser dwellings. The buildings withing the hotel facility are surrounded by fields and forests which extend for more than 40,000 square metres and which offer guests the chance to become one with nature.
During the winter, the hotel is in the centre of the Weissmatten ski slopes.



Pont-Saint-Martin motorway exit. At the A5 Pont-Saint-Martin exit, turn right in the direction of Turin. Turn left at the first roundabout and follow directions for the Gressoney valley.
Approximately 500 m beyond the town of Point-Saint-Martin, take the road on the right and follow the regional Gressoney valley road. Continue past the municipalities of Lillianes, Fontainemore, Issime and Gaby. Continue along the valley for a further 5 km (approx.) until the municipality of Gressoney-Saint-Jean. A cableway from the Weissmatten car-park links to the hotel (check for a transfer with skidoo or by ski).

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The nearest railway station is in Pont-Saint-Martin. Gressoney-Saint-Jean Bus Service (around 10 services a day).
A cableway from the Weissmatten car-park links to the Hotel.


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Веб камера

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