Hotel Beau Sejour


Вся Валле д’Аоста: 1.270 m
Время работы: Strada Naz. G.San Bernardo, 3
Telefono: 335.6584368 - 0165.78210
Fax: 0165.789907
Totale posti letto: 64
Totale camere: 30

Hotel Beau Sejour, a modern, family run hotel boasting a splendid panoramic position along the ancient Via Francigena, near the cross-country pistes.
The restaurant offers typical, regional dishes and a rich à la carte menu personally prepared by the managers.



Телефон Compreso Importo
Single room with bathroom 34,00 €
100,00 €
Double room with bathroom 39,00 €
249,00 €
3-bed room with bathroom 59,00 €
269,00 €
Apartment 4 beds (connecting rooms without kitchenette) 79,00 €
289,00 €
Breakfast (price per person) Si
Lunch (Meals at fixed price - drinks excluded) 20,00 €
25,00 €
Dinner (Meals at fixed price - drinks excluded) 20,00 €
28,00 €
I prezzi indicati sono validi dal 01/12/2021 no 30/11/2022


- overnight stay for coach drivers and holiday representatives who are providing assistance to groups of at least 25 persons, organised by travel and tourist agencies;
- children from 1 to 3 years old


Take the Aosta Est motorway exit. Follow the signs for the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel (green panels) which quickly brings you the entrance of the tunnel that joins with State Road 27.
Drive to the end of the tunnel and follow then follow State Road 27 of the Gran San Bernardo; you arrive to Etroubles shortly after passing the municipality of Gignod. The hotel is located at the beginning of the town, at the start of a small street that rises to the left, by the sharp bend on the overpass.

Описание   Est:   7.229576   Nord:   45.81912


The nearest railway station is in Aosta. The car station is located in front of the railway station
Bus service to Etroubles (about 10 per day, less on Sundays). Bus stop 50 metres away.
Free hotel shuttle service.


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