Maison Constance


Вся Валле д’Аоста: 1.600 m
Время работы: Fraz. Les Dzovennoz
Telefono: 0165.730906 - 338.3455419
Fax: 0165.730906
Totale posti letto: 12
Totale camere: 6
WC: 6
Periodi di apertura: all year

The Maison Constance is located in a sunny and scenic area, facing a Biathlon shooting range, cross-country ski runs, and a pit stop for alpine skiers and snowshoe riders, respecting the mountains in a relaxed atmosphere.
Bionaz is the third largest Valle d’Aosta municipality with 142 sq km. This allows it to host most of the region’s attractions: evocative peaks that go up as high as 4,000 meters, scenic views of unspoilt nature with dazzling colours, old-time traditional cuisine featuring flavourful discoveries, traditional arts and crafts, agriculture and animal husbandry passed down from father to son.
Bionaz means nature most of all. It has the tallest mountains in the Valpelline valley, the most spectacular glaciers, one of Europe’s largest dams, plants and wildlife worthy of a national park.



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Double room with bathroom 90,00 €
90,00 €
double room with bathroom for 1 person 50,00 €
50,00 €
Suite with 2 beds 100,00 €
110,00 €
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The Maison Constance is located 39 minutes away from the Torino-Aosta A5 motorway Aosta Est off-ramp. You can reach it from Aosta by taking the Gran San Bernardo state road 27, or from the Variney bifurcation by taking the BIONAZ, VALPELLINE, LARAVOIRE regional road 28.

Описание   Est:   7,401776   Nord:   45,86666

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