Residence Blumental


Вся Валле д’Аоста: 1.300 m
Время работы: Via Deffeyes, 1
Telefono: 347.4376876 - 0125.355443
Fax: 0125.355394
Totale posti letto: 67
Number of rooms / apartments: 22
Periodi di apertura: December / April; June September

It is situated ten minutes’ walk from the town centre and just 600 metres from the Weissmatten ski-lift pick-up point. It offers accommodation in large apartments and hotel rooms, including several suites. Each apartment features a whirlpool bath or whirlpool shower corner.
The facility boasts a restaurant, bar, playroom/meeting room and a tavern. Brimming with typical mountain style furnishings featuring plenty of wood and care taken in every detail, which can be seen in the dining room most of all, where the wooden panelling and the charming lighting effects create a stylish yet at the same time cosy atmosphere. A large car park is at the clientele’s disposal, and the shuttle serving the Gressoney ski resort stops just a few metres away.



Телефон Compreso Importo
Double room with bathroom 80,00 €
120,00 €
1-room flat (2 beds) 60,00 €
171,00 €
1-room flat (4 beds) 78,00 €
199,00 €
2-room flat (2 beds) 70,00 €
208,00 €
2-room flat (4 beds) 88,00 €
271,00 €
2-room flat (5 beds) 97,00 €
245,00 €
I prezzi indicati sono validi dal 01/12/2020 no 30/11/2021


Services: n. 10 bicycles available for children (mountain bikes)


Pont-Saint-Martin motorway exit. At the A5 Pont-Saint-Martin exit, turn right in the direction of Turin. Turn left at the first roundabout and follow directions for the Gressoney valley.
Approximately 500 m beyond the town of Point-Saint-Martin, take the road on the right and follow the regional Gressoney valley road. Go past the towns of Lillianes, Fontainemore, Issime and Gaby. Carry on along the valley for approximately 5 kilometres until you reach the town of Gressoney-Saint-Jean. Go into the town and proceed towards the centre for approximately two kilometres, crossing the bridge over the Lys and taking the first road veering towards the left. Carry on driving for another 500 metres or so and then turn right again and keep going until you reach the residential complex.

Описание   Est:   7,825778   Nord:   45,77815


The nearest railway station is in Pont-Saint-Martin.
Scheduled Coach service as far as Gressoney-Saint-Jean (approximately 10 daily departures).


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Веб камера

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