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Telefono: 349.6567043
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A barma is a protrusion in the rock, the ‘shelter’ you squeeze into during a storm in the mountains. A mountain dweller always knows where and at what distance to find one, and knows that underneath you can find branches or dry grass for lighting a fire and keeping warm.
The barmas are semi-hidden: a crack, a crevice in the rock or just a large stone.
“Drolo” means strange: not exactly what one expects. But if it refers to a person it can also mean ‘difficult’, shady. Here, in this location, the barma is a type of hollow tree, one of those trees that you can squeeze into to gaze at the snow that is falling on more snow, layer upon layer. This is the theme on which the rooms are named: Pine, Norway Spruce, Scots Pine, Cherry, Larches, Alders.



Телефон Compreso Importo
Minimum and maximum supplement for an extra bed in the rooms, upon customer's request and when allowed by law. 40,00 €
60,00 €
Double room with bathroom 80,00 €
120,00 €
double room with bathroom for 1 person 60,00 €
80,00 €
Room with cooking facilities (2 persons) 90,00 €
130,00 €
Extra bed supplement for children under the age of 15 20,00 €
30,00 €
Breakfast (price per person) Si
I prezzi indicati sono validi dal 01/12/2019 no 30/11/2020


Free: overnight stay for children up to 3 years old.

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