21BARRA5 Guest-House


Вся Валле д’Аоста: 626 m
Время работы: Località La Combaz, 1
Telefono: 375.5727968
E-mail: info@21barra5.it
Internet: www.21barra5.it
Totale posti letto: 12
Totale camere: 6
WC: 6
Periodi di apertura: all year

“21barra5” is a wooden house where the use of materials, technological choices and the use of renewable energy sources have contributed to the achievement of a high degree of energy efficiency that is a witness to our attention to and respect for the environment. Obtaining the “CasaClima” certification is a guarantee of comfort, of healthy and sustainable living.
Choose to stay in environments with simple shapes, which are silent, and where the use of natural light becomes a unifying element. Loggias and terraces are the natural extension of all environments: interior and exterior become one.
All of our rooms makeit possible for you to experience the warmth and hospitality of Valle d’Aosta in a modern and design environment without neglecting a reference to the materials of the Alpine tradition.
“21barra5” is located in the center of Valle d’Aosta, in a strategic position so that one can easily reach the various places of interest in the region.



Телефон Compreso Importo
Double room with bathroom 49,00 €
269,00 €
double room with bathroom for 1 person 44,00 €
264,00 €
Suite with 2 beds 69,00 €
379,00 €
Breakfast (price per person) 7,00 €
12,00 €
I prezzi indicati sono validi dal 01/12/2020 no 30/11/2021

Описание   Est:   7.283559   Nord:   45.71977

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Веб камера
Aosta - Piazza Chanoux

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Aosta - Arco d'Augusto

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Fenis - Castello

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Nus - St. Barthélemy

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