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Вся Валле д’Аоста: 1.380 m
Время работы: Loc. Gressmatten Waeg, 10
Telefono: 0125.355988
Fax: 0125.1920180
Totale posti letto: 66
Number of rooms / apartments: 16
Periodi di apertura: closed from 2/05/2022 to 31/05/2022

Situated in a quiet spot, 500 metres from the town centre, which is accessible via a convenient footpath alongise the cross-country ski runs. One-, two- or three-roomed apartments furnished in solid wood, embellished with mezzanines overlooking the living rooms. Austrian ?Stube?-style bar and meals delivered to your apartment are available.



Телефон Compreso Importo
1-room flat (3 beds) 60,00 €
230,00 €
1-room flat (4 beds) 65,00 €
265,00 €
2-room flat (4 beds) 75,00 €
280,00 €
2-room flat (5 beds) 80,00 €
365,00 €
Breakfast (price per person) 6,00 €
10,00 €
I prezzi indicati sono validi dal 01/12/2021 no 30/11/2022


SERVICES: n. 3 electric bikes available (mountain bike) + 3 city bikes


Pont-Saint-Martin motorway exit. At the A5 Pont-Saint-Martin exit, turn right in the direction of Turin. Turn left at the first roundabout and follow directions for the Gressoney valley. Go into the built-up area of Pont-Saint-Martin and after approximately 500 metres take the road which branches off to the right and carry on along the regional road of the valley of Gressoney. Go past the towns of Lillianes, Fontainemore, Issime and Gaby. Carry on along the valley for approximately 5 kilometres until you reach the town of Gressoney-Saint-Jean. Go into the town and after having gone past Weissmatten square carry on towards the town centre.
After approximately one kilometre take the road which branches off to the left and follow the signs for Castel Savoia. Carry straight on until you arrive at a junction, at this point turn right and you will find the residential complex ahead.

Описание   Est:   7,826095   Nord:   45,77171


The nearest railway station is in Pont-Saint-Martin.
Scheduled Coach service as far as Gressoney-Saint-Jean (approximately 10 daily departures).


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