Mont Gelé


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    EE - Expert Excursionists
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    c 01/07 no 30/09
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    Rûz (1696 m) - Bionaz
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    Mont Gelé (3519 m)
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    715 m. + 1110 m.
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Aosta East motorway toll booth, then take the SS 27 for the Great St. Bernard Tunnel as far as Variney, where you should head right in the direction of Valpelline. You will pass through the villages of Valpelline, Oyace and Dzovennoz. At the last of these villages head left as far as Rûz, where the carriage road ends.

Mont Gelé is one of the most famous mountains in the Valpelline and stands on the boundary ridge the divides Italy from Switzerland. Mont Gelé and its twin Mont Avril appear like two pillars with the deep carving of Fenêtre Durand Pass in between them. The southern mountain slope, from an altitude of 2900 metres, is covered by a glacier of the same name. The view from the top is spectacular: you can admire numerous summits in the Vallese and wild Valpelline mountains.

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Day one
From the village of Rûz follow the unsurfaced country road that runs along the catchment right side of the valley and ends at the Berrier Alpine lodge (2192 m). In some stretches it is still possible to walk along what remains of the pretty path used before the road was built. From the edges of the terrace where the mountain chalets are located, is the start of the path that bends to the left to head off diagonally and cross close to a characteristic rock known as “The Berrio de la Bosse”, where the river gushes from. Carry on until you come to the steep ridge that provides access to the grassy terrace where the Crête Sèche refuge stands.
Day two
From the refuge, the path continues northwards and follows on along the background of the valley before going round some bends that allow you to take the edge of the Plan de la Sabla, where the Franco Spataro (2615m) bivouac encampments is located. Once across the river, follow the plain without pathway until you can take the stony or snowy pass that opens up to the left. At the end of it, you will find the Mont Gelé Pass (3180 m).
From the pass turn right in order to climb back up the slightly steep glacier and, leaving the Col de la Balme on your right, you will come to the rocks that head up towards the ridge. In a short space of time you will come to the peak that offers a magnificent view over the wild Morion hillside and the Vallese peaks.
Descent: down the upward itinerary.

This itinerary requires experience of high mountains and it is recommended that you get a mountain guide to accompany you.


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Туристическое предложение
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