Manenti Bivouac


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Altitude: 2,802 m
Location: Balanselmo Lake
Sleeping places: 2
Open: always open
Difficulty: EE
Trail sign: 6A, AV1, 107, 35 (TC)
Ascent: 3h40 from Valtournenche / 1h40 from Barmasse mountain hut
Coordinates UTM-WGS84: EAST 389071
Coordinates UTM- WGS84: NORTH 5084147

The bivouac was inaugurated in August 1955. It was dedicated to Duccio Manenti, a mountaineer from Turin who died in 1949 on the Rochefort ridge.

NOTES: the bivouac is no longer used given the close proximity of the Perucca-Vuillermoz refuge, although the area where it is located is very attractive

Starting from Piazza Carrel in Valtournenche , cross the Regional Road 46 near the pharmacy and take itinerary n°6A that goes down as far as the Valmartin bridge then up the municipal road to Valmartin.
From the village take path AV1 (Alta Via n.1) which goes through Promoron where you can see the buildings of the former pumping station and continues winding as far as the pasture homes of Falegnon. Then the trail goes into the Cignana valley heading for the dam. Turn left to reach Barmasse mountain hut otherwise to go to the bivouac keep to the right along the dirt road (N° 107) coming from the Cignana Dam and walk along the lake to reach the Cignana pasture homes.
At the bifurcation ignore the right branch leading to Finestra di Cignana and take the left-hand trail N° 35 or TC (Tour del Cervino) that heads up the slope under the Mont Rous with some difficult passages and then enters the valley.
Cross the river coming down from the Gran Lago and head to the left leaving below the Lago del Piano Superiore in order to face the last steep slope that leads to the Manenti Bivouac on the shores of the Balanselmo Lake.
To reach Perucca Vuillermoz mountain hut and the Mont Dragon Lake continue up the slope for about half an hour.
It’s also possible to reach the Manenti Bivouc leaving from Perrère. Take path Nr. 35 that goes up through the Finestra di Cignana Pass in 3h35.

Equipment: mattresses, blankets, pillows.


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Туристическое предложение
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