Pontboset - Pont-Saint-Martin

Бард, Доннас, Онъе, Понтбозэ, Пон-Сен-Мартен

  • Cammino Balteo
    Tappa 23
  • Уровень трудности:
    E - Excursionist
  • Лучший период:
    c 01/03 no 30/11
  • Пункт отправления:
    Pontboset (746 m)
  • Пункт пребытия::
    Pont-Saint-Martin (345 m)
  • Расписания:
    +538 m -1044 m
  • длина:
    13.365 m
  • Durata Andata:
  • Durata Ritorno:
  • Tracciati GPS:
    GPX , KML

Never losing sight of the Ayasse river, the route descends along the edge of the woods before reaching Fort Bard again and then continuing towards Pont-Saint-Martin. From rocky slopes to the vineyards of Donnas, the Roman road of Gallie, the Via Francigena and traces of the Middle Ages.

Типичные блюда

Leaving the little village of Pontboset, with its eighteenth-century bridges and crossing the Ayasse river, the route begins the descent back to the valley floor. Little by little the spectacle of Mont Mars and Monbarone comes into view to the north. Little by little the valley opens out onto the villages of Hône and Bard, dominated by its imposing Fort.

Reaching the Dora plain, the path crosses the village of Bard and enters Donnas following the most picturesque stretch of the Roman Via delle Gallie. After the village the path ascends slightly to pass between vineyards until it reaches the hamlet of Bousc Daré; from here, it finishes back at Pont-Saint-Martin.


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