Roisan - Arpuilles

Aosta, Gignod, Roisan

  • Cammino Balteo
    < Tappa 11 >
  • Уровень трудности:
    E - Randonnée
  • Лучший период:
    Март - Ноябрь
  • Пункт отправления:
    Roisan (863 m)
  • Пункт пребытия::
    Doues (1012 m)
  • Расписания:
    +445 m -319 m
  • длина:
    12.905 m
  • Durata Andata:
  • Durata Ritorno:
  • Tracciati GPS:
    gpx , kml

A beautiful walk suitable to everyone along ancient “rus”, irrigation canals that characterize the Valdostan agricultural land and which, with a slight slope, cross the entire territory of Roisan. Through meadows, villages and chapels, you reach the municipality of Arpuilles.

Типичные блюда

After you pass the cemetery, you go down to the left, cross Adret to reach Rû Prévôt towards Valpelline.
Once you reach the bridge over the Buthier, you go up again to take the Rû des Vignes and then you reach the village of Gignod; on the left, you can see the town and the hamlets of Roisan. Dominated by the pointed profile of the elegant bell tower of the parish church of Sant’Ilario, inside which you can marvel at the valuable fifteenth-century frescoes, you will get to the center of Gignod from where you go up to reach a certain altitude to then follow the trail of return.
The view opens up to embrace the mighty quadrangular shape of the medieval tower of the Lords of Gignod, an austere sentinel of the town for those coming from the valley.

You then take a pleasant sunny path which is almost always flat and that gently takes you to the hamlets of Excenex, first, and then Arpuilles, a real balcony overlooking Aosta lying at its feet.


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