Breuil-Cervinia - Bobba bivouac


  • Уровень трудности:
    EE - Expert Excursionists
  • Лучший период:
    c 01/07 no 30/09
  • Пункт отправления:
    Breuil-Cervinia (2017 m)
  • Пункт пребытия::
    Bobba bivouac (2769 m)
  • Расписания:
    1.009 m
  • длина:
    6.748 m
  • Durata Andata:
  • Segnavia:
    11 - 10
  • Tracciati GPS:
    GPX , KML

Типичные блюда

From the car-park along the golf course fence, you take the road marked no. 11 near the underpass of the avalanche barrier deflector. Once across the stream follow the un-made road until you reach Morces. Here you take the path on the right with the same number, which goes uphill, touching the same road several times until you reach a junction, where you ignore the right branch and continue along the one on the left towards the ruins of the Maberge mountain pastures. You continue uphill on the path which crosses meadows and areas of waste and rocks until you reach the last junction, where you turn right onto trail no. 10 from Avouil, which takes you to the Bobba bivouac. It does not have a caretaker and can sleep 10 people. There are splendid views over the valley and the Plateau Rosa glacier.

The last section of the route is difficult and has some parts equipped with ropes.

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Туристическое предложение
Туристическое предложение
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Веб камера
Breuil Cervinia

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