le Raffort - Pourcil - Pian (Donnas)


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    E - Excursionist
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    c 01/05 no 31/10
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    Le Raffort (383 m)
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    Pian (Donnas) (813 m)
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    586 m
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    3.260 m
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Типичные блюда

From the village of Hône, cross the Ayasse stream and continue along the farm road until you get to the penstock. From here, take a mule track that goes up to the dilapidated houses of Serec (640 m). When you get to the village, take the stairway that leads to a wonderful viewpoint, where you can see over Hone and Arnad. When you get to Ronfiot (783 m), continue along the mule track that provides numerous picturesque short-cuts overlooking the valley below and Bard Fortress. Keep going along the mule track, cross a cliff and you soon come to Pourcil (965 m). The village has two sections: in the first you will find the chapel from 1896, whose belfry has recently been reconstructed, and a fountain from 1883; in the second, nearby, you can see a typical drinking trough dug out of a tree trunk. It is interesting to see how, in the past, man was able to create exploitable space, even places that were hostile to settlement.


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Туристическое предложение
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Webcams map       Resort
Saint Vincent - Col de Joux

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