Dailley Chapel
Already existed in 1640, dedicated to St. Margaret. It was renovated in 1834 and blessed the following year.

Lavancher Chapel
It was built as a votive offering against avalanches and landslides that threatened the cottages in the village, during the second half of the XVII century and renovated in 1820. Its patron saint is St. Anne.

Liarey Chapel
Like most of the other chapels it was planned during the most contagious period of the plague. Built during the second half of the seventeenth century, it was dedicated to St. Peter and Our Lady of Pity.

Arpy Chapel
Dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow, it stands alone in the fields of Arpy. Its location once had a small oratory with a statue of the Virgin Mary and in 1733 a modest chapel was built there; it was subsequently extended and a choir loft and a rest chamber added. It was blessed in 1749. A procession takes place on the 5th of August from the main town to Arpy to celebrate the patron saint. Abbot Chanoux used to stay there before going to the Piccolo San Bernardo Hospice, where he was rector, who defined it as one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

La Ruine Chapel
Dedicated to Mary, Queen of Valle d’Aosta, built in 1978.

Villair Chapel
There were originally 2 chapels: one at the beginning and another in the actual location. The current one was built in 1759, blessed on the 16th of August and dedicated to St. Rocco.

Licony Chapel
It was inaugurated on the 20th of June 1906. It is completely built in rock, in a grotto above Licony cottages and is the only rock church in the Alps.

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