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Initially born for cultivating cereals for family use – mainly corn for the production of polenta flour – over the last 20 years the family has recognised this production an even greater significance, giving life to a farm dealing with the transformation and marketing of products.
In addition to corn, vegetables are grown such as potatoes, tomatoes, salad etc. for direct sale and soft fruits such as raspberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries, directly transformed in the farm into jams and fruit juices used in the agritourism. Following a short stretch of dirt road, the fields can be observed and the craft workshop can be reached, where it is possible to see cereals being milled and their transformation into pastries. At the farmhouse there are also hens, turkeys, geese and ducks. Since 2005 the facility has grown and in the old Rosé farmhouse, which dates back to the 1700’s, the agritourism has opened which offers rooms with breakfast and educational activities.

The agritourism facilities (inside dining room, bathrooms and meadow) can be used to have lunch.

Educational activities
1. The history of cereals in the Aosta Valley
2. The preparation of the soil and the cereal grains: corn in spring (April / May), rye in autumn (October / November)
3. The harvesting of cereals: corn in October, rye in July
4. Discovering the various types of flour (development of the 5 senses)
5. From cereals to biscuits and other products (homemade, crafted and industrial processing techniques).

Period of activity and intended recipients
The activities preferably take place from September to November and from March to June and are aimed at children of infant and primary schools.

Welcoming capacity
A maximum of 25 people can be hosted.

How to get there
Coming from Pont-Saint-Martin, before entering the residential area of Donnas, turn left following the signs for “Gran Vert” and keep going until reaching Clapey: at about 200 metres from the farm, there is a big parking for coaches.

Населенный пункт

Agriturismo Lou Rosé - Sig.ra Genestreti Monica
Via Clapey, 203
11020 DONNAS (AO)
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