La Reina educational farm


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The agricultural company is based around livestock. There are two stables: the first has 40 cattle, all black and brown spotted of the breed, “nèyre”. Each cow has a name, a bell, horns and especially its own character… this stable tells the story of the bosquet , the rèine and the combat and the tradition handed down for more than 50 years, by this family of farmers. The second structure houses calves, bred in free stabling, and the steers. At the farm, the children can also visit the hen house and the rabbit hutch. Adjacent to the structure, there is also the fruit field and the orchard for fruit production (pears, apples, peaches, figs, kiwis etc.) and vegetables (courgettes, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, beans etc.) used in the agritourism menu. The person in charge of the visits to the company is called Ileana; the sociology-psychology-pedagogy diploma awarded to her and her love for agriculture allows her to demonstrate to the children and the adults the passion with which, together with her family, she carries out her work by giving her guests the opportunity to come into contact with agricultural reality, in which she lives every day.

The children can use the agritourism facilities (internal living room, bathrooms and outdoor meadow) to have a packed lunch. In the event of bad weather the barn or the agritourism lounge can be used.

Proposed teaching activities
1. “Breeder for a day”: the work of the farmer, visit to the stable and getting to know the animals and their life cycle in the livestock company.
2. “La bataille des reines: what passion!” The history, traditions and preparation of the bosquets.
3. From grass to hay: haying techniques of yesterday and today.
4. From milk to cheese: the origin of the milk and its transformation. It is possible to visit the cheese factory “Le lait” in Pollein, to which the company gives its cow’s milk.
5. Life in the hen house and in the rabbit hutch: getting to know the characteristics and the use of the hen within the company, looking after the rabbits and observing their behaviour.
6. The orchard and the fruit field: learning to recognise fruit and vegetables through the nursery rhymes and how to grow them in a plant pot at home.
7. “The treasure hunt”: searching for the objects which complete the history of the farm.
8. “Let’s play outside”: learning to play together and keeping in touch with nature.
9. “Draw with nature”: using the colours found in nature to create a drawing.
10. “The farm museum”: getting to know the tools used in the past and comparing the work of farmers of yesterday and today.

How to get there
From the SS 26 state highway, follow the signs to Pollein-Pila. At about 1 Km from the centre of Pollein, the agritourism farm, a peach coloured building, is on the right, just after the petrol station. The company is easily reachable by private coach (parking adjacent to the farm), and by bus (Saint-Benin bus stop).

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Agriturismo La Reina - Sig.ra Ileana Vierin
Località Saint-Benin, 17/a
11020 POLLEIN (AO)
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