Пространства для выражения креативности и стиля на сноуборде

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Snowpark "Gravity Park

Сноуборд  -  Брой-Червинья

The Gravity Park located in Plateau Rosà , at the foot of Piccolo Cervino, right in the heart of the ski area, a splendid summer snow park that provides everything a snowboarder might desire…

Snowpark "Indian Park"

Сноуборд  -  Брой-Червинья

The Breuil-Cervinia Indian Park is located in the Fornet-Bontadini area, runs 26 and 27, at the center of the Breuil-Cervinia ski resort.
It features a four-seater ski lift with automatic release…

Snowpark "Castore"

Сноуборд  -  Грессоней-Ла-Трините

The Castore Snowpark is located at Gabiet and it offers different obstacles for fun with snowboard and freestyle skiing.

Fun Slope "Bettaforca"

Сноуборд  -  Грессоней-Ла-Трините

The Fun Slope Bettaforca is a track dedicated to fun and offers:

  • a tunnel
  • parabolic curves
  • up & down
  • depressions
  • a snail with a tunnel

It does not present particular technica…

Snowpark "Courmayeur"

Сноуборд  -  Курмайор

The Snowpark is located at 2.000 metres in the Aretù area, right in the heart of the Courmayeur Mont Blanc ski resort.
It’s equipped with:

  • 2 blue rails + 2 blue jumps
  • 2 red rails + 2 re…

"Espace San Bernardo" Snowpark

Сноуборд  -  Ла Туиль

La Rosière
On the French side of La Rosière the snowpark is located close to the La Poletta ski lift and equipped with hip, fun box, rails, handrails and big air.
Close to the Du Fort chairlif…

Snowpark " Areaeffe"

Сноуборд  -  Пила

The Pila snowpark, situed at 2.200 m. with permanent structures such as a half-pipe and a large jump as well as traditional structures such as spine, slides, fun box, quarter and mediu…

Snowpark boardercross

Сноуборд  -  Торньон

Located at about 1900 meters above sea level, in Chantorné, there is a four-seater chair lift with automatic torsion.
Born in 2014 by a project of CdA New Indianpark, Cervinia, in collaboration with…