Earth's Memory - Die Gletscher, Zeugen der Klimakrise


  • 17 Juni 2022 - 18 November 2022
Öffnungszeiten und Kosten

Glaciers tell us our past and our future. The “Earth’s Memory” exhibition presents the world premiere of the results of the project “On the trail of glaciers”, the photographic and scientific journey conceived and directed by the photographer Fabiano Ventura. Promoted and organised by the Bard Fort, the exhibition will be open from 17 June until 18 November 2022. The exhibition covers a 13-year journey, which aimed to document and showcase* the shocking effects of climate change* on the planet.

  • Thanks to the power of contemporary images and comparisons with identical shots captured by great masters of the past before the climate crisis, the exhibition unequivocally conveys the effects of global warming on ecosystems through photographic depictions of glaciers, offering visitors a profound reflection on the relationship between the human species and the natural environment.

“The Forte di Bard’s aim with this project is to help raise public awareness of the impact that human activities have on the climate, highlighting the need to conserve natural resources in order to protect future generations”, explains the Chairwoman of Bard Fort.

The exhibition itinerary
Due to the richness and complexity of its contents, the exhibition occupies several spaces within the Fort of Bard, covering about 700 square metres; in the Cannoniere, alongside the photographic comparisons, videos of the expeditions and interviews with the key figures of the project are projected and the scientific data are presented using data visualisation tools created by the ESA (European Space Agency).


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