Robert Capa. Die Arbeit 1932-1954


Saint-Bénin Centre
  • 06 Mai 2023 - 22 Oktober 2023
Öffnungszeiten und Kosten

The exhibition has been extended until Sunday 22 October

Over 300 works, selected from the archives of the Magnum Photos Agency, recount the production of the famous photographer from the beginning to his premature death in 1954 in Indochina.

The exhibition traces the extraordinary career of Robert Capa, paying particular attention to some of his most iconic images, which have embodied the history of twentieth-century photography. .

  • An adventurous photographer
  • Images of War
  • Field Documents
  • Sound recordings

At the Saint-Bénin Center in Aosta the visitor will be able to observe the images of war that forged the legend of Capa.

The exhibition will be divided into 9 thematic sections: Early Photographs, 1932–1935; The Hope of a More Just Society, 1936; Spain: Civil Engagement, 1936–1939; China under fire from Japan, 1938; Alongside American Soldiers, 1943–1945; Toward a Newfound Peace, 1944–1954; Journeys East, 1947–1948; Israel Promised Land, 1948–1950; Back to Asia: A War That Isn’t His, 1954

The volume published on the occasion of the exhibition, with texts in Italian, English and French, containing all the photographs on display and published by Silvana Editoriale, will be on sale at the exhibition venue at the price of 34 euros.


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