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Right Waterfall: from Champoluc, you can get to the base of the ramparts either by going up along the bottom of the Cuneaz Valley, or by going down from the Sarezza Mountain Top (facilities available).
From the cavern to the base you go up on the first spring (35 meters ranging from 75° to 90°) and, by going over a small fall, you get to a basin (35 meters). From here you can follow a canal on the right, between ice and rocks (100 meters ranging from 30° to 60°) all the way till you get underneath a small-sized rocky wall. After that, you can walk across some meters to the right and you get to an easy-to-go canal, parallel to the one of the waterfall. From the basin, you can also go straight on, through a way presenting vertical stretches, coming out 100 meters further uphill. The descent is done in the canal, on the right side of the waterfall (40°). Once arrived almost to the end of the canal, above the base spring, move to the left beyond a carved rock and go down till the base.
Left Waterfall: you will find it 80 meters way on the left, further up from the right waterfall.
It develops for about 80 meters. Very difficult.


Società Guide di Champoluc-Ayas
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