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Leonard Freed. I love Italy

Aosta   -   21 May / 20 September 2016 Exhibitions

An impressive selection of pictures taken by the American photographer in a number of different locations in Italy, from the middle of the 1900s to the start of the new millennium.

Enrico Baj. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Aosta   -   11 June / 9 October 2016 Exhibitions

The exhibition is dedicated to the theme of the body snatchers in the work of Enrico Baj between 1951 and 1985. It takes a look over the various periods of production, reconstructing th…

Elliot Erwitt. Retrospective - Photographic exhibition

Bard   -   11 June / 13 November 2016 Exhibitions

The exhibition, staged in collaboration with Magnum Photos International-Paris, is dedicated to the immense volume of photographs taken by Elliott Erwitt, one of the most important photographers of…

Marc Chagall. La vie

Bard   -   25 June / 13 November 2016 Exhibitions

The entire exhibition revolves around the work that provides the title for it: La vie, exceptionally granted on loan by the Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, which too…

Aosta Sound Fest

Aosta   -   1 / 3 July 2016 Music

The Aosta Sound Fest is a musical Kaleidoscope in which pop, rock folk and Italian songs come together offered by well-established artists and groups and popular emerging local musical groups.

Polenta Festival

Doues   -   2 / 3 July 2016 Wine and gourmet festivals

In the past, polenta was eaten by our ancestors every day. Nowadays, the opportunity to eat it is slightly less frequent This festival provides the opportunity to rediscover it, cooked in variou…

Second-Hand and Swap Street Market

Verrès   -   3 July 2016 Craft/fairs/markets

This street market offers a series of regular opportunities for antique lovers to sell and exchange goods that hitherto may have lingered forgotten in attics or cellars. The market takes place alon…

Celtica - International Celtic music, art and culture festival

Various locations   -   7 / 10 July 2016 Entertainment and shows

Courmayeur and the splendid setting of the Peuterey woods in the Veny Valley at the foot of Mont Blanc are hosting Celtica, Europe’s most elevated international Celtic music, art and cultur…

"Tsarettoun" cart race

La Thuile   -   9 / 10 July 2016 Sport

Second stage of the season in Aosta Valley: a technical and fast downhill.

Valle d’Aosta International Bicycle Race in stages

Various locations   -   13 / 17 July 2016 Sport

The Valle d’Aosta Bicycle Race is a prestigious and challenging race for good climbers. It has been a launching pad for many great professional cyclers such as: Gianni Motta (winner in 1963), Flavi…


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