The Nature 2000 network in Val d'Aosta

A European network to protect biodiversity and habitats at risk

Nature 2000 is an ecological network instituted by the CEE directive called  “Habitat” to safeguard biodiversity in Europe. It is made up of areas of extremely rich naturalistic importance, called SCI (Sites of Community Importance) and SPZ (Special Protection Zones – suitable for the conservation of wild and migratory birds). These sites are home to species and habitats that are threatened with extinction and are characteristic of the Community territory.

In the Val d’Aosta the network already includes  28  SCI and 5 SPZ, stretching over 30% of the regional territory. In addition to the Parco nazionale del Gran Paradiso, the Parco del Mont Avic  and the Nature Reserves, there are also some extremely interesting biotopes, such as the valleys of Urtier and Grauson in the Val di Cogne, the wetlands in the Val Ferret, the high-altitude limestone landscapes at the top of Rhêmes, the Castle of Aymavilles and the nearby abandoned mines - they are home to colonies of nesting protected bats –and also the high-altitude glacial landscapes on Monte Bianco and Monte Rosa.

Some of the most interesting habitats in the SCI and SPZ include the rocky habitats, due to their surface area, which consist of rock faces, screes and glaciers; after these you find grasslands, shrubland and forests.

There are numerous priority habitats which  risk disappearing from the territory of the Union: the largest area is the Limestone Pavements, then there are certain typical wetland habitats, peat bogs or other types of forest landscapes.

As regards wildlife, there are a significant number of protected species such as: the Golden Eagle, Eurasian Pygmy-owl, Lammergeyer, the Eurasian Eagle Owl, the Rock Partridge, the Rock Ptarmigan, the Chough, the Black Grouse, the Great Crested Newt, certain species of bats and, more recently, the Lynx and the Wolf. Plantlife includes the Trifolium saxatile, Our Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium calceolus) and the Astragalus alopecurus Pallas.


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