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  • sábado 06 abril 2024
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If the Bataille de Reines can be compared to the highest category, the Serie A between cow fights, the fight between heifers known as Bataille de moudzons represents the junior category of cow fights.

The calendar of the Batailles de moutzon is also very extensive, from March until October there can be 13 elimination rounds and 1 final clash held every year in the city of Aosta.

  • For an afternoon in the open air
  • To admire animals’ instinct and determination up close
  • Suggestive show, completely bloodless
  • Aosta Valley culture and tradition
  • Free entry

For the strictly technical aspect, the competitions of this “junior” category follow the same rules as the most famous batailles, proceeding with direct elimination in the different categories: heifers of three years, weighed and divided into two categories according to the average of the kg recorded on the spot, four years old and one year old steers.

The steers do not yet have the strength, the horns, the technique and above all the malice of the older cows. The fights are therefore resolved in most cases in endurance tests that can last even more than half an hour.


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11100 AOSTA (AO)

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