La Tòupie Gourmanda - Oenologic and gastronomic walk


Morgex vineyards
  • domingo 16 julio 2023
Horarios y Cuotas Programa

Enogastronomic walk to discover the vineyards of Morgex, tasting the homonymous Vin Blanc de Morgex et La Salle and the products of the area.

Starting from the meadows along the Strada Vi Plana, where the glasses for tasting will be distributed, you will make several stops in the characteristic “little houses of the vineyards”, where you can taste the menu created by Chef Agostino Buillas and made using exclusively the products of Morgex and La Salle, production areas of Prié Blanc. You will return to the starting point after a circular route through the vineyards. Along the way there will be musical and cultural entertainment.

During the stops, various dishes will be served accompanied by wine from 5 local wine producers:

  • Brunet Piero
  • Cave Mont Blanc
  • Café Quinson Winery
  • Ermes Pavese
  • Vevey Marziano

Participants will be divided into accompanied groups, with staggered departure from 10am to 2.30pm. Each group will have two attendants.

In case of bad weather the tasting itinerary will be held anyway, keeping the predefined times, following an itinerary among the most characteristic places of the town centre.

  • Unique flavors and landscapes for heroic viticulture
  • 0 km food and wine products
  • Art, music, food and wine

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Pro Loco Morgex
Piazza Tour de l'Archet, 6
11017 MORGEX (AO)

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