Prailles - La Fabrique


  • Dificultad:
    T - Turístico
  • Período recomendado:
    abril - noviembre
  • Salida:
    Prailles (886 m)
  • Entrada:
    La Fabrique (953 m)
  • Desnivel:
    40 m
  • longitud:
    1600 m
  • Tiempo de ida:
  • Indicación del camino:
  • rutas GPS:
    GPX , KML

Simple walk along the Buthier stream.

Descripción del recorrido

Leave your car in the parking in Prailles. After crossing the bridge, turn right and access the lawn used for popular sports. Follow the direction of the stream keeping to the right of the large lawn. Arrived at a wooden bridge (not to be crossed) the path continues on a dirt road along the stream until it reaches the main road. The return is on the same route however it is possible to make a small deviation by following the signs for the ru Pompillard, a covered canal that from Valpelline brings the waters for irrigation to Saint-Christophe. In this case, when you return, turn onto an uphill dirt road that joins another dirt road and turn left (on the right the road is closed by a metal gate). This section is interesting because it passes near the old copper foundry and several illustrated panels provide information on the factory and the rû. With very little difference in height, you return to Prailles.


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