City market - Piazza Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto - Saturday


In the outdoor area, around 70 market stalls, open till around midday.

A section of the covered market hosts various producers of Coldiretti Valle d’Aosta who offer local excellence: from meat to cheese, from vegetables to wines as well as honey and other local delicacies.

  • Brocard Thierry - fresh, milk and processed cheeses – Charvensod
  • Jotaz Simone farm - meat, cured meats and fontina cheese – Ollomont
  • Agricultural Society Peretto S.S. - fresh and aged cheeses - Pont-Saint-Martin
  • Agri.mont Simple agricultural company - meat and cold cuts – Montjovet
  • Les Ecureuils - goat cheese - Saint-Pierre
  • Au potager de Grand-Mère – fruit and vegetables, eggs, plants and flowers – Fenis
  • Merivot Marcello - honey – Fenis
  • Società Agricola il Frutteto - fruit and vegetables and processed products – Fenis
  • Environment Grumei by Giovannoni Sergio - honey and jams – Verrayes
  • P.A.N. Simple agricultural company - fruit and vegetables, herbal teas – Gignod
  • Sabatino beekeeping - honey – Charvensod
  • Vevey François - fruit and vegetables - Saint-Christophe
  • Bonne Vallee by Chappoz Ezio&C. - baked goods – Donnas
  • From Emy Simple Agricultural Company - medicinal and processed – Valsavarenche
  • Le Grain farm of Berthod Claudio - fruit and vegetables and wine - Saint-Pierre

The Campagna Amica covered market is open weekly, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 7 to 13 to find fresh, seasonal and zero kilometer food.


Comune di Aosta
Piazza Chanoux, 1
11100 AOSTA (AO)
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