Great Saint Bernard

The Great Saint Bernard Valley, the Valpelline and the Ollomont Valley present landscapes of alluring, wild beauty, as well as authentic examples of local traditions; in summer, the Great Saint Bernard Pass offers a traditional route into Switzerland, as an alternative to the tunnel.


Opening of the Great St. Bernard Pass

Opening of the Great St. Bernard Pass

The mountain pass linking Aosta Valley with Switzerland reopens on the 3rd of June 2019 at 12pm. From the 2472 metres altitude of the Pass the road descends towards Martigny. The pass will close in October.

An open-air museum

An open-air museum

In Etroubles, a permanent contemporary art gallery featuring world-famous artists. Download the mp3 guide and take a look at your leisure.

Seupa à la Vapelenentse

Seupa à la Vapelenentse
The recipe for the typical Valpelline soup, made with DOP-label Fontina.



Nine holes at Gignod, just minutes from Aosta.


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Alpages Ouverts - A full day on a mountain dairy farm

Various locations   -   27 July / 24 August 2019 Tourist and cultural visits

A full day on a mountain dairy farm together with those who work there all summer, following the pace set by the animals and the mountain environment. Guided visits, lunch with typical produce…

Fëta di Teteun & snails

Gignod   -   23 / 25 August 2019 Wine and gourmet festivals

A food festival dedicated to the “teteun”, a characteristic type of exquisite cold meat made from cow’s udders. It is processed and seasoned using a special procedure, which gives it consistency an…

Fëta di Trifolle (Potatoes festival)

Allein   -   30 August / 1 September 2019 Wine and gourmet festivals

This festival gives you the opportunity to taste culinary delights made from potatoes, including the delicacy Sorsa di Allein: a first course that obviously, as well as the potatoes, is cooked wit…

Collon Trek - a mountain race "along the paths of the smugglers"

Bionaz   -   7 September 2019 Sport

Collontrek is a 22km mountain race (1250m of total climb and 1230m of vertical drop.) The route is the old path traveled for centuries by the surrounding population, including local farmers and eve…

Tor des Géants

The entire Valle d'Aosta   -   8 / 15 September 2019 Sport

The Tor des Géants, now in its 10th edition, is a race covering an entire region, running along the spectacular Alta Via n° 1 and the Alta Via n° 2 at the foot of the highest Four-Thousanders in the…

Tor130 - Tot Dret

The entire Valle d'Aosta   -   10 / 12 September 2019 Sport

The Tor130 – Tot Dret is the race that joins the tougher, fascinating Tor des Géants.

Tor30 - Passage au Malatrà

Courmayeur   -   14 / 15 September 2019 Sport

Trail running competition of 30km and 2300m altitude difference on technical trails through unparalleled landscapes.

Bataille des Chèvres (Goat fight)

Valpelline   -   15 September 2019 Batailles de reines et de tchevre

The first edition of this unusual “bataille” was held in 1981, the year when some young breeders, true goat lovers, an animal which is actually quite combative, decided after their autumn descen…

Valpelline fair

Valpelline   -   15 September 2019 Craft/fairs/markets

Started as a livestock fair (it is the oldest in Valle d’Aosta) the “Fea de Vapeleunna” is now a showcase for traditional Aosta Valley products.


Fontina Cheese Tour

Fontina Cheese Tour

This route links some of the most important high mountain pastures where the Aosta Valley’s Protected Designation of Origin cheese «Fontina» is produced. Along the trail you can enjoy stunning view…

4 nights from € 300
The Mont Fallère tour

The Mont Fallère tour

The highest stages of the route offer spectacular views over the Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc.

3 nights from € 195